Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submission is now closed!

The final deadline for abstract submission is Saturday, 31st July 24:00 hours IST.

Submissions after the deadline cannot be accepted.

The abstract submission gateway is now closed. Only conference registrations can be carried out.


Please read the instructions carefully.

Abstract Format

  • The text must not exceed 250 words, excluding the title and authors

  • Grant references must be included at the end of the abstract text

  • A maximum of 50 authors with 3 institutions per author is allowed. However, the size of the author block must not exceed 3,000 characters.

  • Tables may be included.

  • No graphics are allowed.

  • Remember that you may be presenting author of only one paper, but co-author of any number of abstracts

  • Download a sample abstract with instructions

Before you get started

​Type your abstract in a common Word Processor (e.g. MS Word). Please save a copy of the file. This file can then be used for a “file upload” (most convenient way of submission). Special characters are widely supported.​

How to start abstract submission

You can submit abstract from the registration page. During the registration, you would have to upload your file​. At the end of the process, you will be re-directed to the payment gateway to complete the abstract submission and registration process. Delegates who are not submitting the abstract for virtual poster presentation can skip the upload step and can proceed to the payment gateway. 


Content- Authors

  • Please note that you may be presenting author of only one paper, but co-author of any number of abstracts.

  • Can you submit a paper that has already been presented at another meeting or published?

       This is acceptable.

  • Disambiguation of Presenting Author, First Author and Submitter

    • ​Presenting Author is the person who will present the poster/talk at the meeting. Note that you can be presenting author of only one abstract, but co-author of any number of abstracts.

    • First Author is usually the person who did the main part of the research in the study. She or he can, but does not necessarily have to be the presenting author.

    • Submitter is the person who enters the abstract into the submission system. She or he can, but does not necessarily have to be one of the authors. The system will pre-fill the first author with the contact data of the submitter, but this can of course be amended.

Acceptance criteria

  • Multiple submissions with identical presenting authors will be automatically rejected.

  • Identical submissions from different first authors will also be automatically rejected.

  • Abstracts containing no results or structure will be rejected.

  • Abstracts with the obvious goal of advertising corporate products or services, will be rejected.

Corrections- amendments

  • The submission system stores the information in “real time”. The moment you reach the summary within the submission process and the system tells you “This submission is complete” your abstract is completed and has been received. However after this, you won't be be able to come back and make modifications.

  • Please make sure you print the summary page for your records. The system also has an e-mail confirmation feature. Simply click the appropriate link on the summary page and fill in your email address(es) in the appropriate box


​For support during the submission process, please send an email to isiem2021@frige.co.in or call on +91 (0) 79 2692 1414/ 1415 between 10:00 and 17:00 hours Monday to Friday, IST.