CME credits

The ISIEM 2021 Virtual Conference, will be seeking accreditation from the Gujarat Medical Council of continuing medical education, in order to provide its participants with the possibility of obtaining 7 CME credits at the conference (Approval number: GMC/CME/044).

The daily credit breakdown is as follows:

  • 28th August, 2021: 4 credits.

  • 29th August, 2021: 3 credits.

In order to obtain the credits, pertaining to each day, participants will be requested to log into the conference's virtual platform on that given day. After the conference, a survey will be sent out to all participants and those seeking CME credits will have to complete the survey in order to download their certificate of attendance including the CME credits obtained during the conference.

Please note that if you do not log in onto the conference's virtual platform on any given day, the ISIEM 2021 conference will not be able to provide you with the credits of that day.

Should you have any queries about CME credits, please do not hesitate to contact us at