Session Type Descriptions


The plenary sessions are the most prestigious sessions of the virtual conference. These are exhaustive reviews of major subjects and state of the art techniques within the speciality, addressed to all participants. Speakers in plenary sessions are invited and are mong the most renowned in their field of expertise.

Plenary sessions are scheduled at "prime time" in the programme, in order to achieve maximal attendance. Speaking time varies from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.


These sessions involve invited speakers that share new results on a given topic with other researchers and clinicians. The aim is to reflect and compare data with other perhaps contradictory results and to discuss new hypotheses and concepts for further research with well established colleagues.


In every concurrent symposium, 25 minute lectures will be presented, that provide an update and understanding of new developments and innovations in a certain area.


Workshops are sessions in which speakers are expected to share their knowledge and experience in the field of lysosomal storage disorder diagnosis, genome analysis and computational biology in the context of clinical genetics.


These sessions are designed to for participants who wish to acquire practical knowledge and therefore an interactive session is expected at the end of the session.


E-posters are numerically the largest scientific presentation at the meeting. Most attendees bring an e-poster showing data and progress with their personal research in the field of inborn errors of metabolism. e-Posters are an excellent opportunity for people interested in a particular topic to exchange ideas and network with other people. e-Posters should NOT be used to advertise products and/or services. Like a paper, an ePoster abstract would detail the focus of the presentation and the ways in which it contributes to the body of knowledge in the field.

The 90 minute slot marked as "Virtual Poster Presentation" will be used for communication. e-Posters will generally be on display during the whole conference for free e-Poster viewing in the virtual platform.